Whole foods are the best to eat to reduce inflammation

Body on fire, part 2

I know I left you hanging for a week but I’m back! Last week we talked about inflammation and our diet. Now let’s talk about what foods to eat to quell the fire of inflammation. There are quite a few foods that are proven to cause chronic inflammation and they are unfortunately the foundation of… 

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Cabbage carrot slaw with mint and carnberries

Body on fire; inflammation and food, part 1

“Curing inflammation may well turn out to be the elusive Holy Grail of medicine.” William Joel Meggs, MD I know chronic inflammation it isn’t a soft and fluffy subject but it is a big issue that has been causing a lot of health problems in the western world. What is amazing about this epidemic is… 

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Paleo carrot cake at your service! (Or dis-service!)

Breaking bad with carrot cake

Thank you dear cavepeoples for the fantastic support with my new website! I’ve gotten lots and lots of wonderful comments and feedback and I am a happy cavewoman. (Grunt, smile) We decided to do the drawing today for the cookbook Well Fed 2 and we have a winner! It is Sarah Z! Yeah for Sarah!… 

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Well Fed 2's zingy ginger dressing

Cookbook Well Fed 2 give away!

Thanks for coming over here and checking out my new cave! This is the new big momma bear web site. If you have subscribed to the blog, we have moved your subscription over here. But unfortunately you are going to need to go to re-subscribe if you want to receive my latest luscious posts in… 

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Primal or Paleo Borscht

From Russia with love ♥

“Rodnoi otets nadoyest, a shchi—nikogda! One may become fed up with one’s own father, but never with shchi!” Traditional Russian saying I don’t know if you have been watching the Winter Olympics but the hubby and I sure have. Watching them has been a tradition long upheld in my family. Not only am I constantly… 

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