sauerkraut, old school style

Sauerkraut; Take a walk on the wild side

I’ve been receiving these jolly green giant cabbages in my CSA boxes lately. (CSA stands for “community supported agriculture” which is a subscription service to receive a glorious box of organic veggies weekly) These cabbages are awe inspiring and a bit daunting on what to do with them, but I have discovered that when life… 

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paleo mojitos

Drinking in the Summer, paleo cocktails

“It’s a smile, it’s a kiss, it’s a sip of wine…. it’s summertime!” Kenny Chesney The summer is here and like a good Oregonian, I am literally drinking it in. I think this season is more festive than the winter holidays, filled with sunshine, warm beach walks, flowers and produce overflowing and causal barbeques in… 

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Red (beet) Blue(berry) and white (feta) salad

Grateful for Red (beets) white (feta) and blue(berries)

Recently my hubby and I decided that we needed more appreciation of what we have in our lives. It is so easy to forget what we have and how fortunate we are, particularly when the sun doesn’t shine and the wears and tears of life seem to be abundant. In focusing on the things that… 

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Paleo Strawberry shortcake with balsamic strawberries

For the love of strawberries♥

Last weekend I was at the Portland farmer’s market downtown and bought a BEAUTIFUL half flat of organic strawberries. The strawberries were from California (I prefer Oregon ones) but that was fine, I had red gold in my hands! There is nothing like red ripe strawberries to make me totally dork out and do the… 

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sockeye salmon with fresh oregano marinade

Oregano; the herb of the love Goddess

“Oregano is the spice of life” Henry J Tillman I have a new adoration and that is fresh oregano. It all started with a 4” pot of that herb. Sometimes just a small spark is all you need to start a wildfire! Now I literally have oregano everywhere but I don’t mind because it is… 

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