Red flannel hash with poached egg

The beet goes on and on and on…..

As I write this the rain is pouring down on the roof, bringing the sounds and smells of fall into stark contrast to the summers ones that were here just a few days ago. The last farmer’s market came to a merry ending and the tail end of the fabulous summer produce is still arriving… 

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Figs; the orginal cavefood

Figs; the fruit of cave(wo)man

Tender, sweet and utterly seductive the fig has won hearts and started wars. Cleopatra actually died for them. She loved them so much that the asp who killed her was brought to her in a basket of figs. Our sweet little fig has had wars started over her when the Romans took over ancient Carthage… 

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Chef Pascal Chureau’s succotash

Succotash? Yup, succotash.

I experienced the most wonderful birthday present this summer; one of our daughters bought us a dinner at a winery in Forest Grove that was served outside under the sparkling sunlight with sweeping views of wine country. The food was fantastic, the wine pairings perfect and the evening luscious. The whole experience evoked a deep… 

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Salal berries in the summer sun

the unsung hero; the salal berry

There is so much abundant food growing right now, it is staggering. My neighbor’s fig tree, which hardly ever produces, fed the neighborhood for weeks. The berries everywhere are so abundant that our freezer is already full of smoothie material for the winter. But what has surprised me the most is an unsung hero that… 

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sauerkraut, old school style

Sauerkraut; Take a walk on the wild side

I’ve been receiving these jolly green giant cabbages in my CSA boxes lately. (CSA stands for “community supported agriculture” which is a subscription service to receive a glorious box of organic veggies weekly) These cabbages are awe inspiring and a bit daunting on what to do with them, but I have discovered that when life… 

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