Thomas Keller’s famous simple roast chicken

Chickens rule the roost and they don’t even know it

“The chicken has, quietly but inexorably, become essential.” Donna J. Haraway The egg comes before the chicken. At least that is how it is in my world. Lately I wrote about the incredible edible egg and now we are going to focus on the humble chicken. Now this uncelebrated bird has some surprising facts to… 

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Rich compost made fro our food scrapes

Food waste….a dirty subject…..

I think everyone has a memory of one of their relatives glaring at them and telling them to clean their plate. My grandpa on my mom’s side was the card carrying member of the clean plate society in our family. He would eye your plate with his somewhat milky eyes and look at you in… 

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Paleo Strawberry  souffle omelet

Spring time is egg time!!

By now, I think I have made my great love of eggs evident and spring time is egg time. I didn’t know this till I owned chickens. Eggs are always available year round in the store so it is a common misunderstanding that chickens produce eggs all year round. Not true. You see, chickens are… 

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The Hawaiian vanilla company

The pilgrimage for Vanilla

It took a few years and some strategy to get to the first and most successful vanilla farm in the U.S. but I recently made it. Nestled in the verdant jungles of the Hamakua Coast on the Big Island of Hawaii where King Kamehameha once walked, this pioneer farm is an inspirational story of a… 

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Fresh grilled steelhead trout

Steelhead trout, our NW winter bounty

We live in such a fertile rich valley here on the NW Oregon coast that some of our wonders are easily overlooked, like the fact that we have one of the most abundant winter steelhead runs in the US. Fisher people all know this fact, as steelhead are one of the most sought after game… 

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