Paleo pumpkin orange bread

Haunted Lighthouse’s and pumpkin bread

We recently took a two week camping trip down the Oregon coast at a slow and ambling pace to discover lighthouses. I had no idea that lighthouses are so cool! When you visit them, the history is palpable and you can almost see the ghosts of the past fading in and out of the walls…. 

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Paleo Apple crisp

Apples; the secretly disguised superheros

A recently scored a huge box of beautiful organic apples picked from a local tree. When I opened the box and breathed in the aroma of fall, I was struck with how this common fruit is really a superhero posing in plain clothing. Immortal and extraordinary, the apple has been flying out of phone booths… 

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Caveman hubby with a recent king salmon

The ancient mighty salmon!

I’ve been off on a camping trip, Dana style, in a 30 foot RV, meandering down the Oregon coast taking in the amazing sights. Everywhere we went to saw salmon boats and salmon was on the menu in every restaurant. I love salmon and marvel every year, when the fall snap singles the mighty salmon… 

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Enjoy the fruits of the summer….in sangria

All this talk of climate change and drought has made me thirsty! I’m off my soapbox and mixing up a drink to quench my thirst. (Can you say short attention span?) I am going to take a left turn here and talk about a very spirited subject instead of a hot one. I recently attended… 

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Paleo cinnamon raisin muffins

Muffin mania and special guest star Louise Hendon

Summer is coming to a thundering close soon and I for one am ready! Yes, this has been an amazing year filled with organic produce like we have never seen, and yes this has been the driest warmest summer every recorded in Oregon Coast history BUT I’m tired of watering!!! And weeding and watering and… 

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